Trade Shows

Site last updated 01/01/11

We had a very succesful Trade show at Rydges Riverwalk in Melbourne during November 2005.

Approximately 60 retailers and their staff attended and a great day was had by everyone. We intend to hold the trade show twice a year in Melbourne and many of the attendees of this show are keen to come and play with us again.

Check out some photos of the show below.




The Brisbane Trade Show was held too close to Christmas and only 22 people were able to make it along. We decided to hold it even though there was not as many people as we would have liked and it still turned out to be well worth while. We will be holding it again in Brisbane this year but in June or July so we can entice more people to attend.  We rented a venue in the beautiful seaside suburb of Cleveland Point and it turned out to be ideal... which was great as we hadnít seen the room before booking it. It was too hot in mid December, but I think that is more an issue with Brisbane than our choice of venue. Check out some photos below.






There was better natural light at the Melbourne show even though the photos suggest otherwise. We bought a new camera before going up to Brisbane and it certainly has made a difference on the quality of our indoor photos. Hopefully all the shots we take at future retail and trade shows will be excellent.  Look out for news and views from our stall at CHA at the end of the month.




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