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We now have a message board where all future What’s New anouncements will be made.

Check it out HERE

We are really excited about the complete makeover the website has undergone.
Let us know what you think about the new look and feel.


The Special Day Embellishment range, released May 10th, consists of 15 new embellishments designed to co-ordinate with our Special Day range of papers and Vellums.  Check them all out HERE

Stockists can checkout pricing details out in our WHOLESALE area. 


The Special Day range, released Feb 1st, consists of 36 new paper and vellum designs suitable for that special day and that special boy and girl in your life.  Check them all out HERE

Stockists can checkout pricing details out in our WHOLESALE area. 


We had some really wonderful entries for our layout competition

Checkout all the winners in our FORUMS

Checkout all the entries in our GALLERY




In response to a huge demand for our Very Merry Xmas Cheer paper we have printed new paper designs.  We are also now offering A4 patterned paper and printed 12” x 12” Vellums. 
See all the new designs

Please check the wholesale area for ordering details.
For access to our wholesale area please fill in our
APPLICATION form and return it to us via Fax, Email or Regular mail.

We would love your feedback about our new designs and our new product lines.


AED Design Team Is Here!

The Design Team is here... check out our new DESIGN TEAM and meet the members.

The new team will help us provide a lot more inspirational examples of our products in use for our gallery.  We have had a number of new layouts and xmas cards and tags uploaded reccently and would love you to check them out in our GALLERY.  Please take the time to register  a username so that you can leave us comments and feedback about our products and our DT samples.

We have had a number of layouts on our paper uploaded to the gallery.  If you have done a layout we’d love to see it.  If you have a layout on our paper please feel free to upload it to either our stockists gallery or our friends of AED gallery If you are having trouble uploading your layout please email it to us at info@alisonellisdesign.com.au


New to the site

Message Board Installed - Check out our Forums 30/01/05. We have setup a number of Forums on a message board for you to leave your feedback and suggestions.  All future What’s new anouncements will be made in the What’s New Forum  - Please check it out HERE

New Look & Feel 12/12/04. The website has undergone a major makeover to help make it easier to get around. We still want to add a few more features and some of the things reccently changed and still to come include

  • Complete Website Makeover (12/12/04)
  • Improved Home page and What’s New layout (12/12/04)
  • Testimonials Page (12/12/04)
  • AED Design Team (15/11/04)
  • Improved galleries (30/09/04)
  • A better stockist directory (Web Directory added 11/10 but major change still required)
  • More examples of our products in use (11/10/04 - Gallery now accepting lo’s & loads of DT images)
  • Page showing our available photocopied layouts (coming Dec 2004)
  • A message board for leaving feedback (30/01/05), and eventually
  • Online ordering.

Design Team.The product gallery has loads of new examples of our products in use thanks to the hard work of our Design Team. Keep your eyes on our GALLERY Also your comments and ratings are greatly appreciated. Please register a username and leave us feedback on our paper designs and our sample layouts.

Photocopies of Sample Layouts. Photocopied layouts from all ranges now available.
Check the
AED DESIGN TEAM GALLERY.  Unfortunately all of these layouts are not available as photocopies.  Please contact us for details of which ones are available. A page showing clearly which layouts are available will appear here soon.

We need to work out a system for photocopied layouts now we have the Design Team creating sample layouts for us.  Not all of our layouts will be available for use as photocopies now and we will put up a link to a page showing clearly those that are available.  This link will be coming very soon. Until then please contact us to see which layouts are available.   We provide copies of some of our example layouts (found in our GALLERY in the AED Design Team folders) to be purchased at $2.20 ea. (GST Inclusive - $AUD)
We can only provide copies of some of our DT layouts and cannot copy layouts provided  to us courtesy of others. Please contact us to organise purchasing these photocopies. 

New Stockists. Loads of new stockists have been coming on board picking up our Very Merry and Very Merry Extra designs for Xmas.  Lets hope that now they know how great our paper is they will continue to stock our new products as they are released. It’s great that we are starting to really get supported as an Australian design company.. We are really excited about all the strong positive feedback we get from every new stockist once they get to see our paper in the flesh. 12/12/04 updated our STOCKIST DIRECTORY.

Range & Schedule Info. Our Special Day Range is out in the stores now and the feedback we are getting is great.  Our Very Merry Extra Range was released in Dec 2004 and included some lovely 12x12 Vellum as well as A4 paper and 12x12 paper designs. Our new Special Day designs should be making their way into stores during the first couple of weeks in Feb 2005 and if your lss doesn’t have them get them to give us a call.

Ordering information for all ranges is available from the WHOLESALE area.

 Please stay posted for an update on our production schedule.  Next product range expected to be released May 1st 2005... more to come on this later. 



We have a layout using our Rustic Dugout featured on the cover of the December Scrapbook Creations.  This wonderful layout was done by Dawn Stan from KSK’s Design Team and can be found in her informative feature on colour blocking on page 19.  Also featured in this issue is a short editorial on our Very Merry range and a great article featuring step by step instructions for a paper weaving project from our Design Team member Julie Sunderland.  You will also find a coiple of layouts using AED paper from Rachel Richter in the December Scrapbooking Memories along with a non-AED layout from Julie Sunderland. We were rapt to be on the SC cover and have had a great month in the mags.  Look out for more layouts on our paper appearing in the mags over coming months.


Our Mag Publishing Challenge :
Please contact us if you receive confirmation of having a layout accepted in a major scrapbooking magazine and we will be happy to provide you with some free samples of our current products.


New Reps in WA and NSW

Karen Andronicos who has been working in and around Perth for a number of years is now repping our paper. 

Donna Warters who is well known for repping craft product in and around Sydney is now repping our paper.

If you are in one of these locations please contact either of these ladies directly (or cntact us here) to arrange for them to come out and visit.  Please be mindful that they may not be able service remote areas.

You can find their details on our


MPA Trade Show in October 2004

We had a great time at the MPA trade show and managed to meet with lots of people and show them our paper. We spoke to several people who may use our paper in a wide range of projects from card & invitation making to community workshop programs... and of course scrapbooking.



Our stand at the MPA trade show

I was out of action with some ligament damage to my back for about 3 weeks in October and this means that we had loads of catching up to do.  We are nearly back to normal... whatever that is.



Look out for a couple of editorials in Scrapbook Creations over the next two months highlighting our Very Merry paper in the December issue and our other paper in November. Many thanks to Gaby from Scrappers Warehouse for using her editorial space to promote our paper.  Gaby has just opened a brand new website that is well setup with thousands of scrapbooking products. I owe her a plug so check out her new site here. WWW.SCRAPPERSWAREHOUSE.COM.AU

We have many great stockists so please be sure you check for your closest one on our growing SOCKIST DIRECTORY.

We have product reviews and an articles about us at Scrapbooking Top 50. WWW.SCRAPBOOKINGTOP50.COM.AU. and at Aus. Scrap Central WWW.AUSSCRAPCENTRAL.COM.AU.  These are both great sites for Scrappers to keep informed about loads of Scrap related stuff.  They are often the place to find out AED stuff... even before it gets onto here thanks to my DH being a moderator at Top50 and also spending time at ASC.



I have added a page for our TESTIMONIALS and I will go through all of our email and dig out some more high praise and positive feedback to add to it soon.


Thanks for stopping by our website.

Have a look around and let us know how we can improve on it.

Happy Scrapping

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